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The NRCoP offers a variety of national and local educational and networking events throughout the year with the aim of building a network of regulatory practitioners. Planning is well underway for a number of upcoming events for 2024, including our online webinar series in tandem with our return to face-to-face events, to offer the best of both worlds to our broader community.

To see a PDF version of the latest annual report – 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023, please click here.

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2023: Regulatory hindsight, foresight & insight

The conference was a chance for regulators from across sectors and jurisdictions to think about the future of the profession and reflect on the stresses and rewards of regulation. It explored issues including regulatory failure, regulatory levers and tools, the role of investigative journalism, and regulating behind closed doors.

The theme for the 2023 forum was “Regulatory hindsight, foresight & insight” with keynote address by Professor Malcolm Sparrow and Adele Ferguson.


Read more about the NRCoP Conference below on the following articles.

NRCoP Conference 2023: What causes regulatory failures and why is it vital to learn from near misses?

Malcolm Sparrow tells NRCoP Conference how to be a problem-centric regulator

Regulatory hindsight, foresight and insight: NRCoP Conference debates key issues facing regulators

“A truly fantastic couple of days”


Watch the Conference highlights reel and videos of recorded sessions by clicking on the session title.

NRCoP National Conference 2023 Highlights Reel

Day One – 21 September 2023

Welcome to the NRCoP National Conference 2023

Maria Katsonis

Session 1: Panel: What I wish I knew on my first day

Maria Katsonis, Rose Webb, Simon Corden, Tricia Stroud, Robert Hortle

Session 2: Panel: Regulatory failure and remediation

Tracy Mackey, Grant Barnes, Natasha Mann, Bronwyn Weir

Session 3: Keynote: The role of investigative journalism in shaping regulatory reform

Professor Allan Fels AO, Maria Katsonis, Adele Ferguson

Day Two – 22 September 2023

Introduction Day 2

Maria Katsonis

Session 1: Panel: Exploring ‘near misses’ reflecting on past behaviours as a way of improving regulatory practice. Lessons for all regulators.

Dr Christopher Walker, Dr Jonathan Aleck, Jane Eldridge, Jodi Goodall

Session 3: Panel: Regulating behind closed doors: Making the invisible visible

Maria Katsonis, Professor Valerie Braithwaite, Professor John Braithwaite, Meena Singh, Simon Katterl

Session 4: Fireside Chat 1: Regulating behind closed doors

Jarrod Cowley–Grimmond, Professor Valerie Braithwaite, Professor John Braithwaite

Session 4: Fireside Chat 2: Indigenous Governance, Voice and Treaty

Professor Veronica Taylor, Tricia Stroud 

Session 4: Fireside Chat 3: Are our regulators up to the task?

Adam Fennessy PSM, Graeme Samuel AC, Sarah Court

Session 5: Fireside Chat: Leadership & ethical challenges

Professor Allan Fels AO, Professor Malcolm Sparrow, Christine Nixon AO APM

Corporate Member Showcase Winning Posters & Conference Closing Remarks

Rose Webb, Chair, Dr Marion Frere, Maria Katsonis

We are pleased to present the evaluations of The Professional Regulator program inaugural cohort (representatives from 100 corporate members, at no cost, from February 2023) and open cohort (fee-paying participants from July 2023).

The program has been a great success with 908 regulators having commenced or completed The Professional Regulator program by the end of January 2024. There are a further several hundred participants commencing over the next couple of months.

Click the links below to view the evaluation results from The Professional Regulator inaugural and open cohorts.

Inaugural Cohort Evaluation Summary

Open Cohort Evaluation Summary

Third annual report to corporate members – 1 July 2022-30 June 2023

Download report

(accessible version)

Second annual report to corporate members – 1 July 2021-30 June 2022

Download report

(accessible version)

NRCoP 3-Year Plan

Download PDF

(accessible version)

NRCoP annual report to corporate members – July 2020-June 2021

Download report

(accessible version)

6-month corporate report December 2020

Download report

(accessible version)

12-month corporate report (1st edition) 1 July 2020-30 June 2021

Download report

(accessible version)

NRCoP yearly survey of members (survey results write up) – 2021

View survey results

Professional Development Training for Regulators

Read the report

(Accessible version)

Read the NRCoP six-monthly report to corporate members – December 2020

Download Report

(accessible version)

Facilitated conversation

Regulatory Laggards – 20 October

  • Facilitator: Adam Beaumont
  • Co-facilitator: Alice Turnbull
  • Co-facilitator: Dr. Grant Pink

Read the recap

Compliance in a crisis – 22 September

  • Facilitator: Adam Beaumont
  • Co-facilitator: Alice Turnbull
  • Co-facilitator: Dr. Grant Pink

Read the recap

Windows of opportunity – 25 August 2020

  • Facilitator: Adam Beaumont
  • Co-facilitator: Alice Turnbull
  • Co-facilitator: Dr. Grant Pink

Read the recap

Edition 45, May 2024

Advancing Policy Design for Robots in Public Spaces

By Professor Michael Mintrom, Monash University.

Edition 44, April 2024

Governing For Sustainability Value: From Strong Government to Deliberative Multistakeholderism

By Professor Fred Gale, Professor & Head of Discipline of Politics and International Relations, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania.

Edition 43, March 2024

Local Government: Welcome to the sharp end of the regulatory knife!

By David MacLennan, CEO City of Vincent and Chair WA Chapter NRCoP and Gregory Abood, CEO AELERT (Australasian Environment and Law Enforcement Regulators neTwork).  

Edition 42, February 2024

Anti-corruption (and mismanagement) in the Age of AI and Algocracy – ‘She won’t be right mate’

By Associate Professor Guzyal Hill, PhD (Law), Charles Darwin University

Edition 41, December 2023

Body worn cameras

By Glenn Farrell, Executive Director, SafeWork SA

Edition 40, November 2023

NRCoP National Conference 2023 – “A truly fantastic couple of days”

By Rose Webb, Chair, NRCoP National Steering Committee

Edition 39, October 2023

Navigating Regulatory Landscapes: Four Sights to advance regulatory practice and governance

By Rob Warner and Dr Grant Pink 

Edition 38, September 2023

Regulatory capture: defining it, refining it, and mitigating it

By Dr Grant Pink, RECAP Consultants and Pracademic Advisor to the NRCoP

Edition 37, August 2023

The regulator’s dilemma – regulating in a sea of influence

By Commissioner Michael Riches, Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) for the Northern Territory

Edition 36, July 2023

The role of regulator ratings in consumer protection

By Roxane Marcelle-Shaw, CEO of the Professional Standards Authority and Chair of the NSW NRCoP Chapter

Edition 35, June 2023

Getting started with behavioural science

By Liam Smith Professor and Director, BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash Sustainable Development Institute

Edition 34, May 2023

Provider Performance Analytics an important Regulatory Tool at ReturnToWorkSA

By Samantha Jones, Leader Enforcement, ReturnToWorkSA

Edition 33, April 2023

Regulation is key to responsible AI, but what might this look like?

By Dr Caitlin Curtis and Dr Steven Lockey, The University of Queensland

Edition 32, March 2023

Psychosocial safety is everyone’s right and everyone’s responsibility

By Jacqueline Agius

Edition 31, December 2022

Building cultural intelligence to become a better regulator

By Lil Anderson

Edition 30, December 2022

The key to regulatory communication success – Putting people at the centre

By Jane Reid

Edition 29, November 2022

Guilty Corporate Minds: regulating corporate (mis) conduct

By Dr Elise Bant FAAL

Edition 28, October 2022

The Government Regulatory Technology Report 2022: optimism meets barriers to progress

By Simon Corden

Edition 27, September 2022

Ten tips for public sector complaints handling

By Fiona Brown

Edition 26, August 2022

Indigenous organisation leaders: balancing tensions between achieving political goals and regulatory requirements

By Dr Josephine Bourne

Edition 25, July 2022

Creating opportunities for regulators to collaborate – reflections from the COVID-19 frontline

By Chris Webb

Edition 24, June 2022

Extending Regulatory public value in Australia

By Prof Veronica Taylor

Edition 23, May 2022

Improving regulatory language: Its contribution to regulatory capability

By Dr Grant Pink

Edition 22, April 2022

Where there’s a will, there’s a way: Regulators and collaboration

By Kate Jenkins


Edition 21, March 2022

The ‘secret life’ of national uniform legislation and pandemic management

By Dr Guzyal Hill

Edition 20, February 2022

Avoiding regulatory capture and regulatory discord

By Chris Ingham

Edition 19, December 2021

A look back on another challenging year for regulators


Edition 18, November 2021

New child safety standards – Regulation with standards and why the mission is important

By Emily Sanders Director of Regulation at the Commission for Children and Young People, Victoria

Edition 17, October 2021

Modern-day blacksmithing: equipping our people with RegTech tools

By Anne Lenz from Brisbane Council

Edition 16, September 2021

Regulating lobbying in Australia: Three steps for reform

By Dr Yee-Fui Ng, Associate Professor at Monash University and Deputy Director of Australian Justice and Innovation

Edition 15, August 2021

Getting to Fair – bringing down barriers to access essential services

Dr John Hamill, CEO of Victorian Essential Services Commission

Edition 14, July 2021

Implementing a problem-centric approach

By Alice Turnbull from NOPSEMA (National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority)

Edition 13, June 2021

‘Red tape’ and ‘beige tape’: what are they and why do they matter?

By Adam Beaumont, Director at With Purpose Consulting

Edition 12, May 2021

Regulatory capability – reflecting on what make a ‘good regulator’

By Jarrod Cowley-Grimmond, Senior executive with the Queensland Government

Edition 11, April 2021

What can we learn from the regulation of sport?

By Eric Windholz, Senor Lecturer and Associate with Monash Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies

Edition 10, March 2021

Regulatory Excellence

By Eric Kimmel, Director of Rocky Mountain Solution in NSW

Edition 9, February 2021

“What’s in a name?” Does knowing you’re a regulator make a difference?

By Arie Freiberg, Professor at Monash Law School

Edition 8, December 2020

Performance reporting by regulators – are we measuring and reporting what matters?

By Daniel Boardman Manager of Strategic Planning and Performance with EPA Victoria

Edition 7, November 2020

Regulatory stewardship: virtue, mechanism, or both?

By Professor Jeroen van der Heijden and Rebecca Foley

Edition 6, October 2020

The role of artificial intelligence in regulatory decision-making

By Scott Wheeler, Director of Economic Strategy Division NSW Treasury

Edition 5, September 2020

Regulation, trust and the professions

By Roxane Marcelle-Shaw, CEO, Professional Standards Authority

Edition 4, August 2020

Three steps for regulators to embrace behavioural science

By Professor Liam Smith, Director BehaviourWorks Australia

Edition 3, July 2020

Good design leads to great digitisation for regulators

By Cassandra Meagher, executive director service reform at Service Victoria

Edition 2, June 2020

Covid-19 and compliance: what makes people stick to the rules?

By Monica Pfeffer, Director of Practitioner engagement, ANZSOG

Edition 1, May 2020

Guest Editorial: Learning to be better regulators: The importance of training and development

By Dr Grant Pink from RECAP Consultants


The APO jobs board can be accessed here.

Corporate members of the National Regulators Community of Practice (NRCoP) can advertise jobs for free via this form. Jobs will appear here as well as in the Regulation Policy & Practice Monthly and APO’s regular newsletters, Policy Pulse and Policy Weekly.

2019: The Intelligent Regulator

Regulators across the world are facing growing demands for action in complex and volatile domains combined with shrinking resources, but help is at hand: many are using technology-driven regulation to break the cycle and tackle the increasingly global challenges they face.

The theme for the 2019 forum was “The Intelligent Regulator” with keynote address by William Eggers.

Read more

Watch The Intelligent Regulator here:

2018: Regulating workplace culture

If the definition of workplace culture is how staff behave when no one is looking, 2018 may well go down in regulatory history as the year we collectively started looking – and were scandalised by what we found.

How can regulators change workplace culture?

Including a keynote address by Dr Femke de Vries.

Read more

View photos from the Forum:

2017: Shifting Sands – Regulating the future

How can regulators predict the future and adapt to new technologies and the rise of an informed and connected citizenry.

Find presentations from the day along with the Background paper, provided by Dr Steven Manos, and the link to Professor Alberto Alemanno’s live stream session.

2016: Regulatory excellence

You can view Professor Cary Coglianese‘s presentation

Regulatory excellence: A framework for quality improvement


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