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Data, data everywhere: Challenges, lessons and opportunities for regulators






1 hour (14:00-15:00 AEST)


15 May 2023


All regulators need data to function. We gather data, analyse data, verify data, report on data and create data as part of our everyday roles and responsibilities.   

In this webinar we will hear from two regulators at different stages in their data journey. One regulator has invested in data uplift, with dedicated data analysts and training across the organisation and the other regulator has still some way to go to realise their full data potential.   

This webinar speaks to all regulators, irrespective of where you are on your data journey. Whether you are an agile regulator working with real-time data, or an older regulator struggling with issues of data quality, integrity and systems, this webinar is for you!  

Join us on Monday 15th May (14:00-15:00 AEST) as we hear from Samantha Jones (ReturnToWorkSA) and Kerin Montgomerie (SA Health), in conversation with Steve Ronson (FWO). This webinar explores data within a regulatory environment: the challenges, lessons and opportunities for all regulators.

Facilitator: Steve Ronson

Presenter 1: Samantha Jones

Presenter 2: Kerin Montgomerie

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