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Custom programs

Image of a person delivering a seminar.

ANZSOG’s Custom Education Programs

ANZSOG’s foundation as an education institution created by government, for government, gives us a unique understanding of the trends shaping the public sector. That understanding, and our connections to leading academics and practitioners, means we can build Custom Education programs to meet the current and emerging needs of public sector agencies and jurisdictions.

Public services are working in a complex environment with increasing demands on their capability. Our Custom Education programs bring contemporary theory and senior practitioner knowledge and experience to. transform professional practice, leadership and performance.

A custom engagement typically begins by understanding the client agency or jurisdiction’s development needs and their context. This sets the frame to collaboratively develop a program, drawing upon ANZSOG’s established offerings in some cases, and designing anew for others. Custom programs enable clients to convene teams and leadership groups for a shared development experience that reflects common challenges, priorities and contexts.

Our offerings include:

  • Compact seminars and masterclasses focused on specific ideas, concepts and research.
  • Intensive workshops with expert facilitators and learning among trusted peers.
  • Immersive place-based experiences that connect participants to the communities their work impacts.
  • Multi-module leadership programs that combine diagnostic assessments, workshops, coaching and work-based projects.
  • Individual and team coaching to strengthen leadership and performance.

As well as one-off programs, ANZSOG has worked to design ongoing programs for a range of organisations, to help ensure that senior staff have continuing access to capability improvement.

For more information on ANZSOG’s Custom Education contact James Green, Director Custom Education.

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