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About our Alumni Program

ANZSOG’s alumni is a 3600+ community of influential public sector and public purpose leaders, with members based in about 40 countries. ANZSOG’s alumni embody its values of excellence, collaboration, integrity and respect.

Alumni Benefits

As part of our alumni community, you have a unique opportunity to contribute to the future direction of ANZSOG and the public purpose sectors at large. Getting involved is a great way for you to take advantage of the connections you’ve made and keep your learning alive.

Alumni Advisory Council

ANZSOG’s inaugural Alumni Advisory Council was appointed in 2018 to represent our 3500-strong alumni and give them a greater involvement in ANZSOG’s activities and the chance to advise on our future direction.

Alumni Ambassadors

Alumni Ambassadors are the champions of ANZSOG, stepping in to mentor the next generation of ANZSOG alumni, while also encouraging networking opportunities with fellow alumni. Alumni ambassadors may also be invited to speak at ANZSOG events or participate in ANZSOG media.

Alumni Jurisdiction Chapters

ANZSOG seeks to re-launch and support alumni chapters to create local engagement opportunities including professional development, networking, mentoring and more in jurisdictions across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Alumni stories

Browse our collection of Alumni stories.

New Graduates

As a new graduate, you join a unique and influential cohort of over 3600 public sector leaders based in 40 different countries around the world.

Contact the Alumni team

Get in touch with fellow alumni, find out how to establish your own alumni community or group, or share something with us.