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Samantha Jones

Leader Enforcement


Faculty: Expert contributors

SA, Australia

Areas of expertise

  • Regulation
NRCoP guest speaker Samantha Jones

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As Leader Enforcement at ReturnToWorkSA, and a member of the Regulation Senior Leadership Team, Samantha plays an integral role in the organisation’s regulatory performance. Through the Enforcement function significant interactions occur with workers, employers and providers toward self-regulation, deterrence, detection and enforcement. Successes are realised through collaboration across Regulation specialisations, and her teams strong investigations and audit impacts. More recently she has led realisation of a data intelligence and analytics capability to enhance Regulatory focus and high performance.

Samantha’s leadership experience and background extends across policing, education and workers compensation settings. Being a strategic operator focused on organisational capability growth through people, approaches and connection with customer she leverages performance for positive organisational and social impact. While operating at the pointy end of Regulation, Samantha’s extensive Public Sector experiences support broader organisational strategy and performance.