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Professional Development training for regulators: what can the Aussies learn from the Kiwi experience?





1 hour


8 December 2021


Join the NRCoP for their final webinar event for 2021. In this event we will be joined by a panel of experts from Aotearoa – New Zealand to discuss the Government Regulatory Practice Initiative (G-REG). The G-Reg program was established in 2015 to improve regulatory practice, regulatory leadership, regulatory culture, and workforce capability in and across state sector organisations and regulatory systems. To date 8,500 New Zealand regulators, from over 100 government agencies and NGOs have successfully completed the program. The panel will be joined by Dr Lorraine Cherney to discuss the Australian Foundations of Regulatory Practice program and discover what tips the Aussies can learn from the Kiwi’s, as we prepare to roll out our own program for Australian regulators in 2022.

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