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Bias by design: When the design, implementation and enforcement of rules creates disadvantage






1 hour


28 July 2020


In the context of what the Black Lives Matter protests are revealing about systemic bias against people of colour in a range of regulatory and enforcement systems across the world, do Australian and New Zealand regulators think our own regulatory activities may unintentionally throw up barriers to people experiencing disadvantage?

The way regulation is designed, implemented and enforced can have positive or negative, equal or unequal and inclusive or exclusionary effects on individuals and communities.

Our distinguished guest speaker Professor Donald Moynihan is the author, with Professor Pamela Herd, of a major new book looking at the burdens and stigma which navigating the government maze can have on the poorest, most excluded or most powerless members of society.

Donald and Sarah McDowell from the Victorian Essential Services Commission will lead us in a discussion of how regulators can, and do, re-think and overcome these barriers to a fairer society and better outcomes for citizens.