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Having your say vs getting your way? Why good regulatory comms matter



Brisbane City Hall and Online


1 hour


15 November 2022


From Ministers and duty holders to regulatees and citizens, knowing when and how to communicate effectively is a key role of any regulator. Good comms can open doors, build cooperation and collaboration and buy time in a crisis. Without it, indeed, we might just risk losing our social licence to operate. So how do we make the shift from reactive comms to an approach that is proactive and educative? How do we achieve a real understanding of who our stakeholders are and how they like to be engaged? And of course, how do we manage through those times when our comms did not go as planned and we find ourselves facing the Four Corners cameras? Join our diverse panel to explore the how and why of good regulatory comms, from regulatory branding, through to stakeholder engagement and door stop interviews.

If you are a regulator based in Brisbane, we would love to see you in-person to watch the panel live and a networking lunch with colleagues at the Brisbane City Hall.

Facilitator: Victoria Thomson

Presenter 1: Jarrod Cowley-Grimmond

Presenter 2: Jane Reid


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