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Compliance Planning – So much to do, so little time (and money): how do regulators allocate scarce resources?





1 hour


22 February 2022


You can’t buy $50 worth of effort with $20. The challenge for many regulators is that seldom do you have more regulatory resources than you think is necessary to minimise the harms you care about and achieve the regulatory outcomes that are important to you, your duty holders and the community.

Regulators like all organisations, make choices about where they allocate effort. Sometime that’s a deliberate and proactive choice, other times it’s more reactive. Most regulators want to spend effort on preventing harm from occurring. Yet for many, the share of effort is often directed reactively rather than proactively.

So how do regulators proactively allocate scarce regulatory resources and develop risk-based compliance plans? How do you separate the ‘have to do’s’ from the ‘need to do’s’ and get ‘buy in’ across your organisation? And how do you build a regulatory culture that sees value in setting compliance priorities and doesn’t abandon compliance planning when the regulator is put under pressure?

Join Rachel Scalongne from the Queensland Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water; Andrew Wilson from DairyFood Safety Victoria; and Nick Heys from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for a discussion facilitated by Adam Beaumont (NRCoP National Committee) on developing and leading out compliance planning to prioritise regulatory effort.

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