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Regulation, trust and social licence






1 hour


11 August 2020


Public trust in regulators to do our jobs competently and fairly, to protect our society, environment and economy from harm and to deliver public value is absolutely critical to social cohesion and order and to duty holders’ compliance. COVID-19 has demonstrated the truth of this proposition around the world. In NZ, the market and social research and insights agency Colmar Brunton has conducted four annual surveys of the reputation of public sector agencies, the majority of them regulators or with regulatory functions, along the dimensions of trust, social responsibility, leadership and fairness. The results are fascinating, instructive and inspirational for regulators everywhere, including how trust can be restored after regulatory failures. In Australia, there are few regulators better equipped than ASIC’s Chair to reflect on the hard journey back from a highly critical Royal Commission.Please join Edward Langley from New Zealand and James Shipton, Chair of ASIC, in a fascinating discussion about how regulators lose, earn and retain community trust.