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From Cairns to Margaret River (and everywhere in between): Regulating in the Regions





1 hour


13 April 2022


Join your NRCoP colleagues to hear first-hand about the challenges and opportunities of regulating in the regions.  With experience that extends across remote communities, small towns and regional cities, our panel will explore how geography, culture, capability and communication impact the day-to-day practice of regulators in the regions.  Importantly, the panel will provide us all with vital information on how the design of regulation (so often happening in our capital cities) needs to ensure it is fit-for-purpose for implementation in our regions.

While Australia might be a large and diverse landscape, this discussion will highlight how much regulators based outside our major capital cities have in common.  From the challenge of stretching limited resources to cover vast geographic distances, to the opportunity of small town collaboration to problem solve in a crisis.  Don’t miss this thought-provoking webinar and the chance to learn from  NRCoP colleagues who regulate in regional Queensland and Western Australia.

  • Facilitator: Marian Prete (QLD Department of Education)
  • Speaker 1: Iain Dainty (WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety)
  • Speaker 2: Shelley Tofilau (QLD Department of Justice and Attorney-General)
  • Speaker 3: Matt Cuthbert (Shire of Augusta Margaret River).

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