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Incentivising compliance: using behavioural insights to encourage and persuade




Melbourne Business School and Online


1 hour (12.00 - 1.00pm AEST)


2 June 2023


Regulators have always been intensely interested in the theory and practice of achieving individual and business compliance. Frustrations can arise however when non-compliance continues, even after incentives and enforcement tools like penalties and inspections have been put in place. 

Behavioural science can assist regulators by improving our understanding of human behaviours and applying this knowledge to support compliance. It can help us understand what drives the decision to comply (or not comply) with the rules which can in turn help us to structure and communicate our incentives and penalties to get the best regulatory outcome.  

Join our very experienced panel to explore the application of behavioural insights across a range of regulatory spheres, including environment, transport and workplace safety. Hear first-hand the evidence on what behavioural science can tell us about incentivising regulatory compliance.  

Facilitator: Kate Gavens

Presenter 1: Prof Liam Smith

Presenter 2: John Merritt


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