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Regulatory stewardship: why and how the Kiwis manage regulation as an asset






1 hour


26 May 2021


‘Regulatory stewardship’ is a concept whose moment has (apparently) come. But what does it actually mean in practice, particularly in New Zealand where it’s been implemented since 2013 across two different governments and three Prime Ministers? Regulatory stewardship Kiwi-style conceptualises regulation as an asset, which, like any asset, requires maintenance and proactive care to ensure it remains fit for purpose. It also takes a system-wide approach to its ‘asset portfolio’, giving attention to organisational structures, collaboration, leadership, culture and capability. Please join the Chair in Regulatory Practice at Victoria University of Wellington and a senior regulator from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as they canvass the theory and the practice of regulatory stewardship, and what Australian regulators might find most valuable from their experiences and challenges.

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