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Are we OK? Co-design and the regulation of psycho-social hazards



Work Club Global - Two24 Bunda


1 hour


20 March 2023


Increasingly, there is an expectation that regulatory processes build stakeholder participation into the design of regulatory settings and products.

This is no more evident than in the rapidly evolving regulatory sphere of psycho-social hazard prevention, where successful outcomes require collaboration and commitment from all parties.

Although we often don’t name it, we are all familiar with examples of psycho-social hazards in the workplace: stress, fatigue, bullying, violence, aggression, harassment and burnout.

Regulators now have a clear mandate that duty holders must eliminate or minimise psycho-social risks – but what does this mean in practice and how will we all get there safely?

Join us for a unique opportunity to hear regulators and stakeholders in a conversation on co-design in the regulation of psycho-social hazards. What was easy? What was hard? What might they do differently next time?

Facilitator: Dr Grant Pink

Presenter 1: Jacqueline Agius, WorkHealth Safety Commissioner ACT

Presenter 2: Frances Crimmins, CEO, YWCA Canberra

Presenter 3: Sian Leathem, Complaints Commissioner, NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

Presenter 4: Tracey Harkness, Senior Practitioner Regulation, Assurance and Quality, Community Services Directorate ACT


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