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Image of people wearing masks in a crowd

COVID-19: Legitimacy, Trust and Compliance



City of Vincent



14 December 2022


COVID-19 has transformed our values, our behaviours and our social and economic systems in ways that we have yet to fully understand.  As a population, we mobilized against COVID-19 at a speed and scale previously unseen.   

What persuaded us to do this?  

What worked well specifically in WA and the ACT?  And why? 

And what can we as regulators learn from this response?  

This seminar will challenge regulators to ask the Big Questions that come out of our pandemic years.  How do you create regulatory legitimacy?  What role does trust play in creating the ideal regulatory environment? Why do people defy or comply with authorities and their rules and regulations?   

Join us to hear about the unique COVID-19 experiences in WA and the ACT and explore questions of legitimacy, trust and compliance that go to the very heart of why and how we regulate. 

Facilitator: David MacLennan

Presenter 1: Dr Andy Robertson

Presenter 2: Dr Kerryn Coleman

Presenter 3: Professor Tarun Weeramanthri

Video Snippets