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AI and ChatGPT: The latest fad, a useful tool, or something more nefarious?





12:00-1:00 pm AEST (1 hour)


20 April 2023


The popularity of ChatGPT has brought artificial intelligence (AI) to the forefront of public consciousness over the past few months, but what exactly are these tools, should regulators be concerned about them, and what expectations do people have about their regulation? Join Dr Steve Lockey and Dr Caitlin Curtis from The University of Queensland to find out about AI, its benefits and risks, and what regulators need to consider when dealing with emerging technologies. Steve and Caitlin will discuss findings from their research on trust in AI, the role regulation plays in developing trust, and practical insights to help regulators navigate the emerging AI landscape.

Facilitator: Simon Corden

Presenter 1: Dr Steven Lockey

Presenter 2: Dr Caitlin Curtis


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