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Ken Smith AO

Dean and CEO

ANZSOG and the University of Melbourne

Faculty: Expert contributors


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Professor Ken Smith is the Chief Executive Officer and Dean of ANZSOG since May 2017. He is also  Enterprise Professor at The University of Melbourne.

He joins ANZSOG from London where he was the Queensland Agent-General and Trade and Investment Commissioner for Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa from mid-2011.

Professor Smith brings extensive, senior and diverse public sector experience from roles in NSW, Tasmania and for almost three decades for the Queensland government. He previously headed the Queensland Public Service as Director General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet between 2007 and 2011, and held various department chief executive officer positions in Queensland from the early ’90s.

He has worked on many national policy issues over the past three decades, particularly in housing and urban affairs, social welfare and education. Professor Smith has served as Coordinator-General and Director-General of the Queensland Department of Infrastructure, and has been the Director-General of a range of large Queensland Government departments including Education and Arts, Employment and Training, Family Services, Disability Services Queensland and Housing Local Government and Planning. He has been involved in Commonwealth state negotiations from the early ’80s onwards, and has chaired many senior officer fora.

Professor Smith has undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in social work majoring in social policy. He has worked extensively with and within the school, vocational and higher education sectors and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators and Australian College of Educational Leadership. He has held adjunct professorial positions at the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney.

He has extensive experience as a chair and board member of several companies and statutory authorities in Australia and the United Kingdom, including as a Board Member and Chair of ANZSOG. Professor Smith is also an Honorary Member of the South Asian Network for Public Administration (SANPA).

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