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Hon Willie Jackson

Associate Minister

ACC and of  Justice

Faculty: Expert contributors

New Zealand

Hon Willie Jackson headshot

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Hon Willie Jackson is a former urban Māori chief executive and award-winning radio and television broadcaster.

He grew up in Porirua and South Auckland where he previously worked as a trade union organiser, record company executive, broadcaster, sports talkback radio host and urban Māori advocate.

Primarily based in Auckland, he has supported the rights of Māori and urban Māori nationally for many years, with a focus on community development particularly in South Auckland. He has been at the forefront in terms of advancing community interests, local initiatives and whānau aspirations.

Willie has a very long history working within both Māori and mainstream media in print, radio and television

He is the Minister for Māori Development, and Associate Minister for ACC and of  Justice.


Of note is the Social Procurement announcement targeting Maori businesses

Here are a couple of interviews the Minister  has done that capture his ethos and motivations in his role, as well as his own personal history and experience:

Willie Jackson: Primed for politics
Willie Jackson: ‘You gotta get the deal .. to fulfil dreams