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Dr Anneke Schmider

Director, Advisory Services



Image of ANZSOG Director, Advisory Services Dr Anneke Schmider

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Dr Anneke Schmider is the Director, Advisory Services for the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). An Associate Professor (Adjunct) at the University of Queensland Centre for Policy Futures and also an Associate Fellow at Chatham House, Dr Schmider’s work focuses on research, evidence and innovation for government and international policy.

Since 2012, Anneke has worked extensively with governments agencies across Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the UK through her work with international organizations and leading research institutes. Through this work she has influenced global policy and program development, for example, creating new strategies for initiatives led by OECD, World Bank and WHO which were reflected in G7 global plans. In addition, she has led impactful research programs for Chatham House, the Resilience Commission, and the University of Oxford Big Data Institute.

Anneke’s career is grounded in research, data development and innovation for the Australian and Queensland Governments. A political economist by training, Anneke has received awards for her national and international work.