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About our Alumni Program

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Download ANZSOG Alumni Program Overview

ANZSOG’s alumni is a 4000+ community of influential public sector leaders, with members based in about 40 countries. ANZSOG’s alumni embody its values of excellence, collaboration, integrity and respect.

ANZSOG plays a unique role in providing education and development opportunities for people in the public sector, and a unique mission to create public value by lifting the quality of public sector leadership in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

The ANZSOG alumni is both a product and an extension of this role, which informs ANZSOG’s mission: to be a world-leading organisation for public sector education, research and knowledge exchange.

The alumni features graduates of ANZSOG’s Executive Master of Public Administration, Executive Fellows Program, Towards Strategic Leadership, Deputies Leadership Program, Emerging Leaders Program and outbound International programs, making it an unparalleled resource for your professional network.

Interested in organising an Alumni meeting in your area or perhaps you want to connect with fellow alumni in an informal setting?

Email alumni@anzsog.edu.au or post in the Alumni LinkedIn group.

ANZSOG Alumni Program

The Alumni Program seeks to deliver dynamic and engaging opportunities to help you build on and refresh your skills, knowledge and networks, and broaden your sphere of influence.

The program is designed to keep you connected, inspired, educated and enriched with your fellow alums and further equip you to face the real world problems of the modern public sector.

There are a number of opportunities for ANZSOG Alumni to stay involved and informed.

Click on the sliders below for full suite of options or please take a look at the:

Alumni Pathways (pdf)

If you are an Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA), Towards Strategic Leadership (TSL) or Executive Fellows Program (EFP), Deputies Leadership Program (DLP) and outbound International Programs graduate, you will automatically receive our quarterly Alumni e-News on completion.

You can unsubscribe or update your details at any time using the Preferences link contained in the e-News or email: alumni@anzsog.edu.au

Continue your professional development through ANZSOG by taking advantage of a 15 per cent discount on executive workshops, conferences or attending a free thought leadership or regulators event. View ANZSOG executive workshops and free Thought Leadership and Regulators events at the ANZSOG events page.

Opportunities to present at Thought Leadership and Regulators events are also available to ANZSOG alumni. For more information or to register your interest, please email: alumni@anzsog.edu.au.

The Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) is the ANZSOG alumni peak representative body. The AAC represents alumni interests and views, providing a formal channel to communicate with the ANZSOG executives to inform future direction, education, research and alumni activities. The AAC acts as a source of advice for ANZSOG and national steering committee for our jurisdictional chapters.

View members of the Alumni Advisory Council

Interested in the Council’s work? Email alumni@anzsog.edu.au

ANZSOG seeks to recognise actively engaged alumni with a strong commitment to the school as our ambassadors. Alumni Ambassadors are the champions of ANZSOG, stepping in to be guest speaker at ANZSOG events or participate in ANZSOG media, mentoring the next generation of ANZSOG alumni, while also encouraging networking opportunities with fellow alumni.  

The Alumni Ambassador program allows the school to build strong ties and show appreciation to alumni who have supported, stayed connected and contributed their time and expertise to ANZSOG.  

Alumni Ambassadors are the champions of ANZSOG, stepping in to mentor the next generation of ANZSOG alumni, while also encouraging networking opportunities with fellow alumni. Alumni ambassadors may also be invited to speak at ANZSOG events or participate in ANZSOG media.

For current or future ANZSOG program participants, we have alumni based across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand who can provide an insider’s perspective of what it is like to participate in ANZSOG programs. If you would like to contact an alum, please see our Alumni Ambassadors directory.

Interested in becoming an Alumni Ambassador? Read the full position description and requirements here (pdf version) . For more information, email alumni@anzsog.edu.au.

Alumni who recently completed their ANZSOG studies in Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA), Towards Strategic Leadership (TSL), or Executive Fellows Program (EFP), Deputies Leadership Program (DLP), and outbound International Programs and joining the ANZSOG Alumni community.
  • Stay connected with ANZSOG and its alumni network
  • Seeking engaging opportunities to build and refresh their skills, knowledge, and networks, and broaden their sphere of influence.
  • Automatically opting-in as a chapter member if there is an established alumni chapter in their jurisdiction.

An exclusive LinkedIn group for ANZSOG Alumni to interact, explore new ideas and keep up-to-date with ANZSOG opportunities. All alumni are welcome to join the LinkedIn Alumni Group.

We encourage all ANZSOG Alumni to add their ANZSOG course to the Education section on their LinkedIn profile. To do this, please go to your LinkedIn profile, click ‘+’ in the Education section, and populate the fields. You can copy and paste details from the course relevant to you on page two. Download these instructions for more information:

Add ANZSOG to your LinkedIn profile (pdf)  Add ANZSOG to your LinkedIn profile (word)

Alumni chapters creates local engagement opportunities including professional development, networking, mentoring and more, in jurisdictions across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Alumni chapters will be managed by a committee of dedicated volunteers to provide opportunities for members to stay connected to fellow alumni and the ANZSOG community. Chapter members will gain access to special events, a rich community of mentors, and the opportunity to share knowledge and skills at ANZSOG events and activities as guest speakers, providing testimonials, engaging in research and focus groups, etc. 

If you are passionate about giving back and inspiring others, volunteering as an alumni chapter committee member is an extremely rewarding experience and a fantastic way to build your professional network and contribute to the ANZSOG community. Contact us for more information at alumni@anzsog.edu.au

Stay connected

Update your contact details to stay connected with ANZSOG and our alumni community by email us at alumni@anzsog.edu.au.

You can also keep in touch with ANZSOG and connect with fellow alumni via our social media channels: