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ANZSOG launches new program to improve regulators’ professional skills

8 March 2023

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ANZSOG launches new program to improve regulators’ professional skills

ANZSOG has launched a new online course, in partnership with the Australian National University (ANU) and its School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), to give regulators a way to increase their skills and update their professional knowledge. 

The Professional Regulator program was formally launched last week, with an inaugural cohort of 100 regulators from organisations which are part of the ANZSOG-auspiced National Regulators Community of Practice (NRCoP), who will undertake the Foundation level program and provide expert feedback on the content. The first iteration of the program will begin in July 2023, with applications to be taken from May. 

The course fills a gap in Australia by providing accessible, high-quality training that has been designed with input from regulators across jurisdictions, and which focuses on their common challenges. 

As the job of regulators has become more demanding, there has been an increased interest in professionalising practice and lifting skills of regulators at all levels. Aotearoa New Zealand began the process of professionalising regulation in 2008, and the Government Regulatory Practice Initiative (G-Reg) was set up in 2015 to provide standardised training to regulators across agencies.   

The Professional Regulator is a self-paced course and includes six online modules each of which takes approximately 90 minutes to complete:  

  • Module 1: Who regulates and why  
  • Module 2: Licensing as regulation  
  • Module 3: Understanding and achieving compliance  
  • Module 4: Using information to regulate  
  • Module 5: Regulatory communication  
  • Module 6: Regulatory professionalism and ethics  

In addition to the 6 online modules, participants also have the opportunity to access 6 seminars which extend key learnings from the modules and to explore Australian-based case studies in-depth.  The seminars will be run in small online groups and facilitated by a team of ANU academics and leading regulatory practitioners.  

The program is designed to eventually cater for early, mid to senior level regulators from all levels of government and regulatory spheres, with Foundation, Extension, Expert and Leader versions. 

Dr Lorraine Cherney, ANZSOG’s NRCoP manager and lead author of the program’s online content, said that it was exciting that the first 100 students in the Professional Regulator program had begun their training after over a year of preparation and consultations with regulators about their training needs. 

“This training fills a gap and will allow organisations and individuals to lift their skills, and build a stronger professional network across jurisdictions,” she said. 

“This is a program which gives regulators access to the latest thinking about their craft and provides common foundation of current, modern regulatory practice which will increase the professionalism and capacity of regulators around Australia. 

“This work represents the best of regulators working together for the benefit of the wider regulatory community.” 

ANU Professor Kate Henne said that RegNet had enjoyed the chance to co-develop an innovative program harnessed both academic and professional insights for practical application. 

“Our School is thrilled to partner with NRCoP and ANZSOG to deliver this new and important program. The regulatory profession has grown significantly in recent years, making it an exciting but also varied space. This unique curriculum focuses on strengthening regulatory competencies and supporting robust professional development, with the first offering providing foundational knowledge in the field,” she said. 

The Professional Regulator program costs $650 +GST for regulators who work in an organisation that is a corporate member of NRCoP. All other regulators are still able to enroll in the course at a cost of $1300 +GST. 

Any regulators interested in participating in the 1 July intake for the Foundation level program should submit an expression of interest through the ANZSOG website. 

Further information can be found at The Professional Regulator or the friendly NRCoP team can be contacted at Regulators@anzsog.edu.au