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Sustaining the effort: Integrated social policy frameworks in Victoria

9 April 2010



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For governments to tackle complex and ongoing social problems, they often need to bring together different portfolios in integrated and sustained action. These are social policy frameworks that illustrate the move toward ‘strategic government’. They are deliberative and coordinated plans of action across departments and portfolios over an extended period of time to achieve defined goals in order to solve specific problems and deal with the complexity and diversity of modern society. However, whilst often important and necessary, developing and maintaining these frameworks can be challenging. Two recent Victorian examples of social policy frameworks are A Fairer Victoria and the Victorian Family Violence Reform. This paper covers the development, continuation, benefits and challenges associated with these frameworks.

These Occasional Papers are jointly published by ANZSOG and the (former) Victorian State Services Authority.

Suggested citation

McClelland, A. (2010). Sustaining the effort: Integrated social policy frameworks in Victoria. SSA/ANZSOG Occasional Paper, 5. Melbourne: ANZSOG.

Authors: Alison McClelland
Published Date: 9 April 2010

Case study

Download the case study: mcclelland-2010-ssa-occ-paper-5 (PDF 235 KB)