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New South Wales Infringement Processing Bureau: the IMPS project 2005-24.1

24 January 2005



On 28 August 2003, Michael Egan, Treasurer of the State of New South Wales, requested that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament of NSW inquire into the problems surrounding the implementation of IMPS, a new computer system in the NSW Infringement Processing Bureau. A due diligence review had found that, due mainly to problems with IMPS, large numbers of fines had not been processed as quickly as they should have been, resulting in lost revenue from fines of approximately $32 million. As a result of the findings, the Treasurer requested that the PAC inquire into the implementation of IMPS and report back its findings and recommendations. PAC’s report attributed problems largely to Senior Management within NSW Police, and soon – whether coincidentally or not – funding for Police’s agency-wide computer upgrade was cut in half.

This case looks at the implementation of an IT project that inhibited the Police’s ability to issue and collect fines. The case highlights the challenges created by a concurrent relocation project and can be used to discuss strategic planning and management of major projects affecting operations.

Authors: Professor Michael Vitale
Published Date: 24 January 2005
Author Institution: ANZSOG, AGSM
Featured Content Length: 3
Content Length: 10
Product Type: One-part case, Primary resources