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From transactions to outcomes: work and income and Marlborough’s viticulture industry 2007-39.1

7 December 2007



When Janine Dowding became Work and Income New Zealand’s Regional Operations Manager in the Nelson region in 1998, she discovered how much the region depended on industries with high seasonal labour demands, such as horticulture, viticulture and tourism. At the time, although over 5000 people were registered as out of work in the area, local employers had great difficulty in finding workers. A seasonal labour co-ordination service was established and by 2006, Nelson was described as having “considerable maturity in the organisation and management of its seasonal labour needs,” with some workers able to secure virtually year-round employment by moving between seasonal jobs. In Marlborough, the booming wine industry also had major season labour needs. Dowding wondered: could the Ministry of Social Development, of which WINZ was now part, help local unemployment and support a key industry in this region too?

This case can be used in conjunction with the related cases 2007-72.1, 36.1 and 36.2 which deal with aspects of the Ministry of Social Development’s move from a transactions to an outcomes focus. This case can be used on its own to demonstrate how the outcomes focus works in practice. A variation of this case study, 72.5 incorporates some of the background to the Ministry’s changed focus, developed in more detail in case 72.1.

Authors: Margot Schwass
Published Date: 7 December 2007
Author Institution: ANZSOG
Product Type: One-part case, Primary resources