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The East Gippsland Let’s Get Connected Project (A) 2008-62.1

5 September 2008



Leave the few large urban areas of the Australian state of Victoria, and transport quickly assumes an importance not appreciated by most city dwellers. For the elderly and those with disabilities, transport is a constant concern. In June 2002, 200 kilometres east of Melbourne in the sprawling Wellington Shire of Gippsland, the local Rural Access officer organised a transport forum which brought together more than 70 people interested in reducing the region’s transport limitations. The success of the forum initiated further work on a collaborative approach to improve transport options in the region. By September, terms of reference for the Wellington Rural Transport Partnership had been agreed and, if it succeeded in attractive funding, would help create the Let’s GET Connected Gippsland East Transport Project (GET).

This case covers a collaborative, cross-agency effort to reduce the social isolation of rural residents. Part A describes how the challenges of the project were identified and best addressed by the proposal.

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  • Part B describes how a steering committee worked collaboratively to ensure success of the pilot program.
Authors: David Lansley
Published Date: 5 September 2008
Author Institution: ANZSOG
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Content Length: 6
Product Type: Part A, Primary resources