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Challenges confronting economic policy advisers

11 October 2007




Here, former Australian Treasury Secretary Dr Ken Henry AC discusses the role of the economic policy adviser in the public service. He covers the importance of evidence, analytical rigour and strategic focus. He emphasises the importance, above all else, of policy advice being compelling; explaining its relationship to the development of broader narratives about economic opportunities and vulnerabilities. He explains the role that such narratives play in fostering support for necessary reforms; and in providing depth, focus and context for policy debate. Along the way, he touches on some of the more important strategic, medium-term policy challenges confronting economic policy advisers.

A publication from the ANZSOG series Views from the Inside.

Suggested citation

Henry, K. (2007) Challenges confronting economic policy advisers, Views from the Inside, 3. Melbourne: ANZSOG.


Authors: Ken Henry
Published Date: 11 October 2007

Case study

Download the case study: views_from-the-inside-3-henry-2007 (PDF 190 KB)