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Career development in a Caribbean nation: when hard work and dedication are not enough (TEACHING NOTES) 2004-55.2

1 October 2008



The Director of St Oradsab’s Office of Statistics and Records (SOOR), Mrs Waterford, battled to contain her feelings of exasperation as she listened to Ms Lola Kato, a long-serving and hard-working clerical officer. Lola was distressed that she had not been appointed as the new Statistical Assistant. Lola revealed between sobs that she had hoped to be appointed to the position, despite a lack of quantitative skills. That morning, 5 September 2001, Mrs Waterford realised she had to confront the challenges of recruitment, selection and succession planning that had plagued the department for some time. She wondered how she could convince the Public Service Commission, which appointed clerical staff to all government departments, that, for her specialist technical department, she should select both clerical and professional staff.

The Teaching Notes offer a framework for approaching the case, including learning objectives, discussion and assignment questions, and suggested further reading.

Authors: Ann Wallace
Published Date: 1 October 2008
Content Length: 3
Product Type: Teaching note