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What is culturally responsive regulation?

And how do we work with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners to achieve it?



Zoom Webinar


1pm - 2pm AEST (1 hour)


24 August 2022


The tools that are available to government regulators can be blunt, assuming “one-size fits all” and oblivious to their impact in different cultural contexts.  As governments across Australia strengthen their commitment to self-determination, treaty making and Closing the Gap, how can regulators work together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and service providers to reduce harm and improve outcomes?

What does culturally responsive regulation look like? And how do we achieve it together, without compromising our shared focus on maintaining the high-quality standards for service users that effective regulation can support.

NRCoP warmly invites regulators, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander public servants and interested participants in the community-controlled sector to this event.


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