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Executive Leadership Program

Towards Strategic Leadership (Express)

Build the skills to thrive in volatile and uncertain times.


$20,000 (excl. GST)




3-day residential in Sydney and 3 x online consolidation modules 


22 August 2024 - 3 October 2024


TSL Express, a condensed version of our Towards Strategic Leadership program, is an accelerated yet impactful program helping senior public servants hone their strategic capabilities.

Public sector leaders are facing exceptional challenges in the modern political landscape. They’re expected to maintain a clear-eyed long-term perspective while dealing with the daily pressures of their roles.

Designed to fit into the busy lives of senior public sector professionals and delivered largely online, this leadership development course will give you the tools to perform your roles with purpose, good judgment, and strategic nous. It asks you to examine and question your assumptions about yourself, your leadership style, your role and your organisation.

You’ll learn to identify the strategically important tasks among the noise of your day-to-day work and take meaningful action. You’ll leave with a tangible boost in confidence and capabilities, feeling prepared to face senior executive responsibilities.

WATCH: Julie Etchells, 2020 TSL alum interview

Who is it for?

This leadership development program is designed for you if you are:

  • a senior public sector professional
  • moving (or planning to move) from tactical to strategic leadership roles.

Learning outcomes

TSL Express aims to give you a renewed strategic outlook, political astuteness, personal resilience and the capacity to reflect, collaborate, lead and learn continuously. 

Throughout this public sector leadership course, you will: 

  • identify personal and institutional strengths and weaknesses 
  • explore public sector leadership themes including your role in your organisation and community, technical vs adaptive challenges, authority vs leadership and collaborative work 
  • examine your personal leadership style 
  • practise reflective and strategic thinking  
  • develop tools to identify strategically urgent priorities 
  • explore the factors influencing public institutions’ capacity to adapt 
  • develop a network of high performing leaders and stay connected via our Alumni Program.


You’ll learn from program co-directors:

  • Jill Charker Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company and former senior public sector leader. 
  • Robbie Macpherson – training and coaching public sector executives in Australia for more than two decades.
WATCH: Mary Manescu, 2020 TSL alum interview


The TSL Express leadership development program is delivered in a blended format across three modules:

  • Module 1: One day, online
  • Module 2: Face-to-face, Sydney
  • Module 3: One day, online

TSL Express is run under Chatham House Rule to create an environment of trust where complex problems can be resolved. The spirit of Chatham House Rule: share the information you receive, but do not reveal the identity of who said it.

This leadership course harnesses the knowledge and experience of all participants who, as professional peers, share a common language and a commitment to public service. Participants are co-contributors and integral to its success.

Date, time, location

  • Orientation: 22 August, (AEST), Online via Zoom
  • Module 1: 2 September, (AEST), Online via Zoom
  • Module 2: 15-19 September, (AEST), Face-to-face, Sydney
  • Module 3: 3 October, (AEST), Online via Zoom

Apply now for the 2024 program.


$20,000 AUD (excl GST)

Please note:

  • Students are responsible for their own travel, some meals, and accommodation to and from the residential.
  • If a student has been nominated by a sponsoring agency or government, that sponsor must cover program costs, including tuition fees and program materials.
  • Participants may enter into a salary sacrifice arrangement with their employer to attend the program. The participant’s employer will be billed the program fee. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the applicant’s sponsoring agency.

An Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Māori public servant will receive a fully-funded place in one of ANZSOG’s 2024 foundation programs through the 2024 ANZSOG First Nations Public Administration Scholarship. Find out more here.

TSL Alumni Julie Etchells

Julie Etchells – TSL 2020 alum, Senior Executive Leader, Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs

More information

Want an insider’s perspective?

Hear from one of our TSL alums. To arrange an introduction, email our Alumni Coordinator at alumni@anzsog.edu.au.