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Valuing ‘public value’ in considering an IT investment: the Home Connections project 2008-21.1

26 June 2009



In early 2002, several local councils in central London were considering a proposal to develop Home Connections. The proposed system would integrate various interfaces and allow clients to explore their eligibility for public housing, search and apply for suitable properties, monitor the progress of their application, and receive feedback on outcomes. Council housing officers would continue to set the criteria for eligibility, confirm the assessment of need, respond to queries, and determine property allocations. Home Connections was intended to improve the quality of information available, give clients more control, and increase overall client satisfaction and trust in the council and housing officers.

This vignette case can be used to discuss public value and coproduction, or to look at government IT investment or an approach to public housing. It includes three discussion questions.

Authors: Professor Michael Vitale
Published Date: 26 June 2009
Author Institution: Monash University
Content Length: 2
Product Type: Primary resources, Short story