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FAQs: Public Leadership Masterclass Series

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for frequently asked questions relating to ANZSOG’s Public Leadership Masterclass series. If your question is not answered below, please contact the ANZSOG education team on e.education@anzsog.edu.au.


1. What is the registration process?

Registration is simple. Just follow the five steps below.

1. Click the register link

2. Enter your details

3. Select your series package (see Q4 for options)

4. Choose the masterclasses you wish to attend

5. Finalise payment and you’re done.

Registrants will receive a confirmation email upon finalising their registration.

2. When do registrations close?

Registration for each masterclass is open up to 24 hours before the date of delivery. Participants can purchase a package at any time throughout the series, which runs from late-June to November 2023.

3. Who is this masterclass series designed for?

The series has been tailor-made for emerging public leaders working in Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand. The ideal participant will be new to management or identified as a future leader within their organisation – an emerging public leader, with strong leadership aspirations and long-term career plans.

For example, in the public sector Tier 3-4 leaders in Aotearoa-New Zealand, SES 1, EL 1-2 in the APS and VPS 5-6 and SES-1 will find the masterclass series particularly beneficial. You will be interested in big picture leadership, strategy and systems thinking, managing change, innovating, working with stakeholders, developing people and improving your emotional intelligence and resilience.

The series will also suit established leaders seeking to refresh their approach and engage in thought-provoking discussion on topics of immediate relevance as they work through the challenges of the constantly and rapidly changing environment. Established leaders looking to take their leadership to the next level, should also consider ANZSOG’s esteemed Executive Fellows Program, Towards Strategic Leadership, and Deputies Leadership Program.

We encourage registrations from First Nations people, people with disability and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

4. Do I have to attend all the masterclasses?

The Public Leadership masterclass series has been designed to build the skills that every 21st-century public leader needs but we understand that it might not be possible to commit to too much time away from your work and other personal commitments which is why we have designed the series as a ‘choose-your-own adventure’ style series which puts you in control of your online learning experience.

Registrations can be selected from a variety of packages, each with varying time commitments. While we encourage participants to register for the Gold package to get the most value out of the series, we understand that it may not be possible to commit this much time to professional development during this busy period which is why there are a number of options.

5. How much does the program cost?

To provide you with the choice you need, we’ve designed five packages:


Gold leadership package

Cost: $2,750 AUD incl. GST ($2,500 excl.)

What you get: 10 x masterclasses

Silver leadership package

Cost: $1,650 AUD incl. GST ($1,500 excl.)

What you get: 5 x masterclasses

Individual masterclass

Cost: $357.50 AUD incl. GST ($325 excl.)

What you get: 1 x masterclass

Group bookings

For a Department or Non-Profit that purchases 5 or more individual passes:

Cost: $330 AUD incl. GST ($300 excl.)

We are also offering a limited number of Early bird passes to individual masterclasses until the COB May 31. Purchase a pass to any of the first instance of each masterclass for $250 AUD + GST. Offer available for both individual passes and group bookings. Purchases of early-bird Gold leadership packages will also receive a bonus masterclass (and so individuals will be able to attend 11 masterclasses).

Contact us if you are seeking more details or help with a group booking at e.education@anzsog.edu.au.


Register now


Visa and Mastercards are accepted during the registration process. If you would like to be invoiced then you can request this during the registration process.

7. When will I/my agency be invoiced?

Invoices will be emailed to you/your agency invoice contact once upon registration. You can expect to receive a confirmation email immediately. A tax invoice will be emailed to you within three business days.

8. What is covered in the registration fee?

Depending on the package you have registered for (as detailed above), the registration fee includes access to the online masterclasses.

9. Can I self-fund my participation if my agency won’t fund?

Yes. Self-funding is permitted.

10. Can I register after the first masterclass is delivered in October?

Yes. We will be accepting registrations up to 24 hours before each delivery. Once the series has started, we will be actively encouraging registrations for the remaining masterclasses to ensure a rich experience for participants.

11. Can I register multiple members of my team for packages?

Yes. Group registrations are welcome. Use the registration page and once you reach the end of the masterclass selection for your first package, please click “Add Group Number” and you will be able to add another participant and select their package from there. If you are having difficulties, please contact e.education@anzsog.edu.au.

12. Can I share the registration link with my colleagues if I only purchased one package?

No. This will be considered a breach of the terms of your registration. Masterclass links are to only be used by the individual who registered. Sharing links with multiple people will result in cancellation of your registration.

13. When will I receive the link to the online masterclass?

Registrants will receive a Zoom link 24 hours before the masterclass.

Cancellation and Transfers

14. What is the cancellation policy?

ANZSOG aims to provide high-quality service at all levels of its operation and is committed to providing a timely and fair withdrawal procedure. ANZSOG prices its programs based on full capacity and incurs costs progressively throughout the lead-up to and delivery of programs. Should you be required to withdraw from your package, and the masterclasses in your package have not yet begun, you are eligible for a refund or credit. Find out more at our cancellation policy here. If you are seeking a refund but your the masterclasses in your package have begun, then you are not eligible for a refund due to the reasons listed in the opening paragraph above. Please contact e.education@anzsog.edu.au if you have any further questions.

15. Do I need managerial approval to attend the program?

This is dependent on the individual’s circumstances. Participants can self-fund but should be aware that the series will be held during office hours.

16. If I can’t attend one or more of the masterclasses in my selected package, can I transfer it to a colleague?

Yes. Registrations can be transferred under exceptional circumstances. To organise registration transfer, please contact e.education@anzsog.edu.au.

Series Design

17. Are there any entry requirements to be eligible for the series?

While there are no entry requirements for the series, ANZSOG is committed to providing an engaging online learning experience and encourage registrants to consider the relevance of the series before registering. The series has been tailor-made for emerging public sector leaders working in Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand. The ideal participant will be new to management or identified as a future leader within their organisation – an emerging public leader, with strong leadership aspirations and long-term career plans. However, people from other levels of government and from the for purpose sector will benefit from participating in the Public Leadership Masterclass series.

18. What is the time commitment of the series?

Public Leadership Masterclass series begins in June 2023 and features 13 masterclasses which are two-hour classes. Many of these will feature Q&A and interactive activities. You can pick any masterclass to complete a package based on your available time. You can register for masterclasses even after the series begins in late June.

19. What are the outcomes of the series?

The Public Leadership Masteclass series will inspire you to reimagine your role in the public and for-purpose sectors and become the leader you want to be – talented, creative innovative – for the challenges of today with an eye on the problems of tomorrow.

You can expect to find the inspiration and practical tools needed to succeed in volatile and uncertain times from current and former CEOs and senior public administrators, prime ministers and premiers, academics and presenters in ANZSOG’s renowned Executive Master of Public Administration and Executive Fellows Program.

The short and engaging online masterclasses have been purposely designed to fit around your busy workday and to provide a forum to discuss future challenges, how they affect your role, your organisation and the communities you serve.

Challenge yourself to grapple with new concepts and learn approaches that you will be able to apply right away to problems in your everyday work.

See individual masterclasses on the for specific learning outcomes.

20. What online delivery platform will be used for the series?

The Public Leadership Masterclass series will be delivered via Zoom providing a platform for inspiring delivery, engaging breakout rooms and live polling. Participants are encouraged to utilise a personal device if Zoom is unable to be accessed via work servers.

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