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Zack Haddock

Executive Director of Koorie Outcomes Division

Department of Education, Victoria

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Zack Haddock has extensive public sector leadership and management experience gained in both Victorian Government and non-Government organisations.

Over the last 19 years, Zack has supported the Victorian Education System to better support outcomes for Koorie children within the school, Early Childhood and Higher Education sectors. Zack has filled the roles of Koorie Educator, Koorie Home School Liaison Officer, Koorie Engagement Support Officer, Koorie Education Coordinator and Koorie Education Manager and is the incumbent Executive Director of Koorie Outcomes Division for the Department of Education.

Zack is passionate about supporting educational outcomes of Koorie communities. Zack holds the following qualifications: Bachelor of Nursing; Bachelor Ed (Primary); Grad Cert Public Sector Leadership and Master Business Admin.