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Dr Femke de Vries

Professor by special appointment and Managing Partner

University of Groningen and &samhoud

Faculty: Expert contributors


Femke de Vries

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Femke de Vries is Professor by special appointment in Supervision at the University of Groningen and Managing Partner at &samhoud consultancy (www.samhoud.com). She has worked in financial supervision for 15 years and was one of the architects of the re-designed financial supervision of DNB (the Dutch Central Bank and Prudential supervisor) after the financial crisis. Between 2015- 2018 Femke was a member of the Executive Board of the Authority for Financial Markets, the regulator of business conduct in the Netherlands. In this role Femke was responsible, amongst other things, for the development of supervisory methods e.g applying insights from behavioural economics in financial supervision and developing a framework for healthy organisational culture.

Femke is passionate about making regulation more forward looking and in her career has developed several new methods to enable regulators to identify risks at an earlier stage. After the global financial crisis she was one of the initiators of the regulation of conduct and culture, focusing on board effectiveness and corporate culture. She has published a number of articles on regulation and a book on Financial Supervision in the 21st Century.