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Dr Avery Poole

Senior Fellow




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Dr Avery Poole is Deputy Director, Academic and Research Engagement at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) and an Affiliate in the School of Politics and International Relations at Monash University. Her research explores Australian engagement with Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific region, particularly in relation to the internationalisation of education; and conceptualisations of democracy in regional governance. She has published articles on these topics in journals including Democratic Theory, Contemporary Southeast Asia and Contemporary Politics.

Avery’s latest publication is Democracy, Rights and Rhetoric in Southeast Asia (Palgrave, 2019). She is a co-editor (with Dr Sara Bice and Professor Helen Sullivan) of Public Policy in the ‘Asian Century’: Concepts, Cases and Futures (Palgrave, 2018). Avery completed her PhD and MA at The University of British Columbia in Canada, and her BA(Hons) and BComm at The University of Melbourne. Prior to her academic career, she worked for KPMG in Audit and Corporate Recovery.

Selected publications

Avery Poole (2019) Democracy, Rights and Rhetoric in Southeast Asia (Palgrave).
Sara Bice, Helen Sullivan and Avery Poole (eds) (2018) Public Policy in the ‘Asian Century’: Concepts, Cases and Futures (Palgrave).
Mark Chou, Chengxin Pan and Avery Poole (2017) ‘The Threat of Autocracy Diffusion in Consolidated Democracies? The Case of China, Singapore and Australia’, Contemporary Politics 23(2): 175-194.
Avery Poole (2016) ‘Breaking New and Controversial Ground? Democracy in ASEAN’, Democratic Theory, 3(2) 2016: 46-62.
Avery Poole (2015), ‘“The World is Outraged”: Legitimacy in the Making of the ASEAN Human Rights Body’, Contemporary Southeast Asia, 37(3): 355-380.
Avery Poole (2015) ‘The Foreign Policy Nexus: National Interests, Political Values and Identity’ in Christopher Roberts, Ahmad Habir and Leonard Sebastian (eds), Indonesia’s Ascent: Power, Leadership and Regional Order (Palgrave Macmillan).
Avery Poole (2015) ‘Ambitions versus Capacity: The Role of Institutions in ASEAN’ in Annika Björkdahl, Natalia Chaban, John Leslie and Annick Masselot (eds), Importing EU Norms: Conceptual Framework and Empirical Findings (Springer).
Mark Chou and Avery Poole (2015) ‘Theories of World Affairs’ in Emilian Kavalski (ed), Encounters with World Affairs (Ashgate).
Avery Poole (2014) ‘The East Asia Summit: Navigating ASEAN Multilateralism’ in Sally Percival Wood and Baogang He (eds), The Australia-ASEAN Dialogue: Tracing 40 Years of Partnership (Palgrave).