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Code of conduct

At ANZSOG we all have a responsibility to conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity at all times.

The ANZSOG Code of Conduct encourages ethical behaviour, in everything we do. It provides guidance as to what is expected, and the requirement for individuals to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Code, including activities that extend beyond the School’s premises, as well as those activities that encompass electronic communications and virtual environments.

ANZSOG has zero tolerance towards potentially harmful behaviour in contravention of the Code of Conduct and is committed to achieving zero harm in the workplace, where the safety of people is paramount and everyone can count on a healthy, safe and supportive work environment. To support this commitment, we ask that you:

  • uphold ANZSOG’s values of trust, respect and collegiality;
  • take all reasonable steps to avoid and resolve conflicts;
  • are mindful of our own and others’ health and safety at all times;
  • maintain the standard of conduct and performance required by ANZSOG and demonstrate professionalism and courtesy;
  • respect the opinions and beliefs of others and their right to freely and openly practise their beliefs; and
  • take responsibility for personal use of alcohol or any other substance ensuring there is no adverse effect on yourself and others.

You have a responsibility to report breaches of the Code. Any reports of breaches will be taken seriously and investigated appropriately. Reporting can be verbal or in writing and will be treated confidentially. There is no set format or procedure for reporting a breach to make it as easy as possible for any person to raise a concern in good faith. You are protected in raising any concerns from any detrimental action. If you make a report in good faith you will not be disadvantaged, even if the conduct reported is later found not to be a breach of the Code. Equally, you have a responsibility not to use reporting in a vexatious manner that could impugn the reputation of another person/s. Any vexatious reports found not to be made in good faith will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary action will be commenced.

We are all responsible for upholding ANZSOG’s goals and organisational values, and should be proud of ANZSOG and our own role in maintaining and enhancing its reputation. This is a shortened version of the ANZSOG Code of Conduct. Please refer to the full document prior to engaging with ANZSOG: ANZSOG Code of Conduct 2019