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Reimagining how governments can build trust

  • Published Date: 12 April 2022
The temporary rise in trust in governments in Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a reminder both of trust’s importance as an enabler for governments, and ...
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What makes public sector measurement meaningful?

  • Published Date: 31 August 2021
Public services see quantitative measurements and targets as a key part of accountability, but a growing movement is questioning whether this focus has distorted priorities and led to the decline...
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Why governments should learn to listen and devolve power

  • Published Date: 22 June 2021
COVID-19 has led to a major debate about how governments respond to citizens, and how the innovations sparked by the necessity of a response to COVID-19 can be adapted to make government more r...
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Learning to listen- Relationality is key

  • Published Date: 04 May 2021
By Lisa Carson When it comes to government learning to listen again, one must first reflect on who government listens to, and recognise that for some, it’s a matter of learning to listen, ra...
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Tracking Trust in Government: Can COVID-19 restore a long-term decline?

  • Published Date: 29 April 2021
By Edward Yencken and Lachlan McKenzie In 2020, ANZSOG partnered with the Centre for Public Impact in 2020 to produce Reimagining Government – a series of webinars which brought together sen...
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How Do We Fail Forward? Three key themes from the first Reimagining Government 2021 webinar

  • Published Date: 20 April 2021
As part of our response to the challenges of COVID-19, and our mission to inspire public sector leaders with the latest insights and thinking, ANZSOG partnered with the Centre for Public Impact...
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Learning from failure: why governments must embrace trial and error

  • Published Date: 15 March 2021
Governments need to build up an appetite for failure and iterate their way to success, rather than accepting consistently bad outcomes on social issues, says policy expert Mary Ann O’Loughlin...
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ANZSOG survey shows public managers want ‘safe spaces to fail’

  • Published Date: 11 March 2021
March 2021 - ANZSOG Public managers want to be more innovative, and governments need to offer them better training and encourage risk-taking, failure and creative thinking, according to a report from...
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ANZSOG/CPI Reimagining Government series inspires global debate

  • Published Date: 21 August 2020
The Reimagining Government webinar series, run jointly by ANZSOG and the Centre for Public Impact, will be used to inform discussions of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Developme...
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Leading with humility: Has COVID-19 opened the door for honest and transparent leadership?

  • Published Date: 31 July 2020
At first ‘leading with humility’ looks like a contradiction in terms. But the term is increasingly being used to describe an empowering style of leadership, more suited to governments in th...
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The pandemic cries for a reimagining of government

  • Published Date: 10 July 2020
Tweet In a series of webinars, the Centre for Public Impact and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government explore a new paradigm based on enablement as a way of delivering positive comm...
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Systems thinking: Breaking down silos to deliver positive change

  • Published Date: 19 June 2020
Tweet This article was produced by the Centre for Public Impact. The Centre for Public Impact has partnered with ANZSOG to host a webinar series - Reimagining Government which focuses on how go...