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The world is moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and into the new normal and decisions being taken by governments now will shape the coming decades.

The ANZSOG/CPI Reimagining Government series began in 2020 as a response to the pandemic and 2022 will see our third series of webinars exploring how government can be reimagined to be more creative, more collaborative and better equipped to deal with the big challenges of the 21st century.

We will build on the themes from our first two series; diving more deeply into some of the topics that consistently appeared as being central to a renewed vision for government including: how to rebuild trust, what can we learn from Indigenous knowledge and how to build knowledge systems in governments.

The series will again allow participant to listen to and learn from leading thinkers with academic and practitioner backgrounds. Each webinar will be highly interactive and will provide participants with ample opportunity to contribute their views via moderated discussion, case studies, and breakout rooms.

Your participation in this series will once again help us create an environment where we can discuss big ideas, disagree productively and progress our work on reimagining government.

You’ll also be able to take content from the webinar even further this year – we’ve created a brand new microsite where you can access curated content for each webinar topic, register for webinars, and join our Community of Practice, where webinar content will be brought to life through regular events, workshops, conversations and networking opportunities.

The world faces increasingly complex problems and fostering better governments will be vital to solving them. The challenge is to change governments so they are better able to collaborate, both within and outside government structures, become more innovative and work more closely with their citizenry.

Registrations are now open for webinar 2 and the current schedule for 2022 is as follows:

Facilitated by Simon Kent (Deputy CEO, Thought Leadership, ANZSOG) the panel consisted of:

Thursday 23 June | 12pm-1.15pm AEST | Register here

Stories are powerful agents of change - they can build empathy, shift mindsets, build connections, and help people to teach and learn.

Stories are an essential part of the human experience - it’s how we all make sense of the world. But how might storytelling actually change entire systems? How do we make sure the right people are telling stories, and hearing stories? Join us as we explore how storytelling can be used to both enable and celebrate important systems change efforts.

To take our webinar further, we’ve collated a wide range of material exploring storytelling, and the role narrative plays in enabling social change.


  • Rachel Fyfe (Communications Manager, Dusseldorp Forum)
  • Simon Goff (Partner & Global Managing Director, Purpose)
  • Skye Trudgett (CEO, Kowa)

Facilitated by:

  • Thea Snow (Director, CPI)


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