Crossing the research and policy gap

Good research is vital for creating quality public policy and programs, but this research is not always available to public managers in an accessible format.

Researchers and the public sector should be natural partners in this process, but in practice, the gap between them can often be wide.

ANZSOG’s new research translation series, The Bridge, is a project designed to bridge the gap between the research work of academics and the policy work of public managers by providing access to visible and accessible high-quality research.

The Bridge aims to:

  • improve the uptake of research by the public sector
  • strengthen engagement between academic researchers and policymakers
  • and allow research with a practical application to reach a wider audience.

The Bridge is emailed fortnightly to thousands of engaged readers, including public servants and academics, in Australia, New Zealand and globally. It centres around a Research Brief which distills academic research into an easy-to-read format and will be complemented by other insights into public policy and management.

The Bridge is compiled and curated by Maria Katsonis – a former senior Victorian public servant with more than 20 years’ experience who is now a Public Policy Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Maria’s insights are vital to The Bridge, bringing a practitioner’s perspective to academic research. She was previously the curator of The Drop – a joint project between ANZSOG and The Mandarin.

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Read The Bridge’s Research Briefs below:


Being a public manager in times of crisis: the art of managing stakeholders, political masters and collaborative networks

Published Date: 17 November 2020
The COVID‐19 pandemic is seen as the biggest global crisis since World War II. What started out as a public health issue has quickly morphed...


Responding to complexity in public services

Published Date: 03 November 2020
A paper in Public Money & Management discusses the merits of the emerging ‘Human Learning Systems’ (HLS) approach to the funding, commi...


Why policy narrative matters: effective government responses to COVID-19

Published Date: 20 October 2020
Storytelling in public policy matters when communicating policy decisions. How can policy makers craft compelling narratives to influence polic...


Becoming a boundary spanning public servant

Published Date: 06 October 2020
Cross-boundary collaborations are a key feature of today’s public sector. Public servants are increasingly expected to work in ways that cut...