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Shaping a Strategic Centre

2 April 2010



people holding gears to fit them together.

Central agencies are moving to exert more deliberate, specific influence over the long-term trajectory of government whether through whole of government plans or more interventionist approaches, yet there is little agreement in either theory or practice on how governments can, and should, respond to this strategic challenge.

This report, published in 2009, presents the findings of extensive research into the challenges facing central agencies in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand and then proposes a model of strategic engagement as the basis for re-conceiving roles and relationships at the centre of government.

The research was undertaken by Associate Professor Joanne Kelly, Dr Richard Norman and Tom Bentley, and the final report was written by A/Prof Kelly

Authors: Associate Professor Joanne Kelly, Dr Richard Norman and Tom Bentley
Published Date: 2 April 2010
Featured Content Length: 96

Case study

Download the case study: shaping-a-strategic-centre-anzsog-booklet (PDF 16 MB)