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Perspectives and personalities: managing two talented individuals in Guyana 2004-60.1

13 November 2007



On 17 July 2003, Dana Abrams received a five-page memorandum from the Vice President (VP), Marketing and Sales. The memorandum concluded with a recommendation for Blossom Simpson to be fired. Ann Wiltshire, the Guyanese VP, Marketing and Sales, advised Dana that she had a human resources problem with Blossom. Based on the VP’s version and her initial work with the staff, Dana had concluded that it was a matter of differing personalities. Consequently, she had coached them on how to creatively manage their different approaches to work. Dana knew that, as this was her first human resource management challenge since assuming duty, the entire organisation would be carefully observing both her decision and how expeditiously she resolved the conflict between these two highly qualified female staff, with such different personalities. Should she fire Blossom or could she use her personal expertise and experience to suggest another, more developmental way to address the problem?

This is a human resources management case that looks at the management of personality differences, diversity and performance and the tension between two talented employees.

Authors: Andrea Watson-James
Published Date: 13 November 2007
Author Institution: University of the West Indies
Featured Content Length: 3
Content Length: 7
Product Type: Case with teaching note, One-part case, Primary resources