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10 pillars of Youth Justice

14 December 2020



This research paper was prepared by independent expert Lisa Ward for an ANZSOG cross-jurisdictional Problem Solving Workshop on youth justice held in November 2019. It draws on the distillation of best available evidence to outline ten principles for effective youth justice programs.


TITLE: 10 Pillars of Youth Justice

AUTHORS: Lisa Ward

SERIES: ANZSOG Research Insights


DATE: December 2020

PUBLISHER: Australia and New Zealand School of Government

ISSN: 2653-7281

DOI: 10.54810/BJQZ3082

CITATION: Ward, Lisa. 10 Pillars of Youth Justice: ANZSOG Research Insights No. 9. Melbourne:

Australia and New Zealand School of Government, December 2020.

Published Date: 14 December 2020