To inspire and connect regulators, the community of practice offers practicing regulators the opportunity to share successes and failures, experiences and challenges in their daily work and to work collectively to advance the regulatory craft.

Read the NRCoP annual report to corporate members – July 2020-June 2021

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In non-pandemic times, the NRCoP offers free and open access to thought-provoking, inspiring learning events in each chapter, providing opportunities for regulators from all three levels of government and the full spectrum of regulatory agencies to learn with and from each other.

While drawing on the collective wisdom and experience of its committees and ANZSOG’s network of local and international scholars, the main source of topics for learning events are regulators themselves. These are identified through an annual participant survey.

Browse your top issues of interest for future events, drawn from the 2019 participant survey.

As a result of COVID-19 and the likelihood of ongoing restrictions on travel and assembly, we are offering a regular program of webinars. See upcoming events or watch past events on our Regulators resource page.

Annual forum

The highlight of the NRCoP program is the annual forum. Held in Melbourne since 2014 on a topic of critical importance to all regulators, the forum is anchored by a leading international speaker. The program overall is designed to support regulators to showcase innovations, expand their horizons about what is being achieved by others and help lift thinking out of domain and jurisdictional silos.

It provides a unique opportunity for regulators to share their experiences and lessons learned in interactive and engaging formats and in a non-commercial national and trans-Tasman context.

Read about the 2019 forum, The Intelligent Regulator, or watch the 2019 keynote address presented by Bill Eggers.


One of the key objectives of the NRCoP is to create and promote opportunities for regulators to network with each other.

The large free learning events held regularly in each chapter are a key means for this to occur, with time set aside before formal proceedings begin for this purpose.

During COVID-19 restrictions on assembly, work is underway on a program of ‘facilitated conversations’. These will allow smaller groups of regulators from different jurisdictions and sectors to engage more deeply with shared issues and challenges, in a safe and supportive environment. 


On behalf of the NRCoP, ANZSOG produces a monthly newsletter featuring the latest regulatory news, media, event summaries and information on upcoming NRCoP events.

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The regulation policy and practice collection on APO (Analysis and Policy Observatory)

From 12 May the NRCoP is launching a new regulation policy and practice collection on APO, accompanied by a monthly newsletter delivered directly to NRCoP members’ inboxes.

The regulation collection brings together a range of non-academic resources from national, local and state/territory Australasian governments, regulatory agencies and external institutions conducting monitoring, inquiries and reviews, as well as form international bodies such as the OECD, the World Bank and more. It is designed to assist practising regulators across Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand to understand the context in which they operate, provide timely, curated access to immediately relevant resources and support learning from other regulators’ successes, failures, challenges and innovations.

The monthly newsletter will be headed by a plain English explainer on an important regulatory topic and include summaries of recent releases, a look back at important previous resources and links to the NRCoP’s upcoming activities.

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