The NRCoP provides an opportunity for regulators to connect with their fellows in Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand.

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In late 2019 we conducted our spreadsheet first annual NRCoP participant survey (67 KB) . Here are the most important things we learned:

The top 10 issues in descending order:

  1. Risk-based regulation: more talked about than implemented?
  2. Measuring regulatory performance
  3. One space, many regulators: collaboration and information sharing
  4. Professionalising regulatory practice
  5. 'Yes (or possibly no) Minister': how can and should independent regulators work effectively with political offices?
  6. Regulation by design: using structural regulation to 'design out' non-compliance
  7. Regulation, trust and social licence
  8. Big Data, technology and analytics: coming ready or not?
  9. Explaining the public value of regulation to an anti-regulatory world
  10. Learning from NZ's system-wide approach to 'regulatory stewardship'

86% of respondents told us that they had shared insights from seminars with others in their workplace and/or networks; 72% that they had been able to apply insights gained from seminars they’ve attended to thinking about their work as regulators

The jurisdictional spread was:

  • 33% in VIC
  • 28% in NSW
  • 22% in QLD
  • 19% in WA

A small number of people checked ‘other’, mainly identifying as ‘Commonwealth’ or ‘national’.

67% of respondents defined themselves as harm-based; 31% as overseer/integrity. But the 35 people expressing bewilderment at the classification in the survey told us we will need to offer more explanation in future years.

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