One of the core objectives of the NRCoP is to support participants and agencies to become more professional and capable regulators.

To help achieve this we’ve prepared a report on regulatory professional development for Australian regulators. This report presents analysis from an environmental scan which explored the types of training and professional development opportunities that are available for regulators. It further incorporates analysis from the survey of regulatory practitioners (conducted by the NRCoP in October 2020) which also explored regulator training and professional development needs. Recommendations include the need to adopt a common language and terminology that is suitable for Australian regulators and includes references and links for anyone interested in doing further work in this area.

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The Foundations of Regulatory Practice program

We want to hear from you!

We are calling on our NRCoP members to submit examples from their regulatory field to feed into our Foundations of Regulatory Practice training program:

  • Is there something you/your staff do particularly well?
  • Have you approached a regulatory function using a unique or innovative approach or tool?
  • Have you solved a regulatory problem in an interesting manner?
  • Can you identify a unique or engaging example from your work environment that we could use within the course?
  • Can you recommend a staff member who is an expert in a particular regulatory area?
  • For example, do they have an extensive practitioner knowledge base from which we can draw on?

 The Foundations of Regulatory Practice course overview


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