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Owners and partners

ANZSOG’s success is built on our partnerships.

Our innovative research and educational programs are developed in close collaboration with our 10 government owners and 16 university and business school partners from Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

We also have affiliate partners around the world.

As well as delivering benefits to governments and citizens by enhancing the capability of public sector employees, our partnerships ensure our students have access to the world’s leading academics and senior practitioners from the government and non-government sectors. Our partners are:


Owner governments


Government leaders’ messages

The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP

Premier of Victoria

“We are pleased to support ANZSOG and its crucial role in developing the next generation of public policy leaders.”

Image of the Chief minister of the Australian Capital Territory, Andrew Barr MLA

Andrew Barr MLA

Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory

“Attracting and retaining talented people can help make our city great. ANZSOG programs develop talented people for all Australian jurisdictions and New Zealand.”

Image of Dominic Perrottet, Premier of New South Wales

The Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP

Premier of New South Wales

“NSW recognises ANZSOG’s integral role in developing a well-qualified and effective public sector and is pleased to support the School’s globally renowned work.”

Headshot of the Hon Natasha Fyles, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory

The Hon. Natasha Fyles MLA

Chief Minister of the Northern Territory

“The Northern Territory Government has a proud partnership with ANZSOG, and acknowledges their role in helping to grow public sector leadership excellence in our jurisdiction.”

Image of Peter Gutwein, Premier of Tasmania

The Hon. Peter Gutwein MP

Premier of Tasmania

“Thank you, Australia and New Zealand School of Government for the valuable work you do to educate, train and inspire public sector leaders. I am pleased to support the work you do to help build an effective and capable public service.”

Image of the Premier of South Australia, The Hon. Peter Malinauskas MP

The Hon. Peter Malinauskas MP

Premier of South Australia

“I am delighted to support the work of ANZSOG. By bringing together leading research and contemporary public administration, ANZSOG educates, inspires and challenges South Australian public sector employees to turn possibility into a better future for South Australians”

Image of Mark McGowan, Premier of Western Australia

The Hon. Mark McGowan MLA

Premier of Western Australia

“Western Australia is proud to support ANZSOG and its role in providing the public sector with the skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible outcomes for our community.”

Image of Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland

The Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

Premier of Queensland

“The Queensland Government recognises the role of ANZSOG in shaping our best and brightest to ensure the public sector is well placed to respond to current and future policy challenges, be agile and innovative thinkers, and globally engaged.”