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Public policy and public management’s top four themes

27 February 2017

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“Good public policy and programs can make the world a better place. In complex circumstances, it’s a challenge to define purpose and measure performance, while also dealing with shared authority and stakeholder pressure,” says Professor Michael Mintrom.

Professor Mintrom, Professor of Public Sector Management at ANZSOG and Monash University, notes that four key themes have emerged in the areas of public policy and public management in recent times. These all concern increasing the likelihood that government programs will improve the quality of our lives. They also emphasise the crucial role that evidence plays at every step of good policy design, implementation, and improvement.

The central themes in contemporary public policy and public management include:

Creating public value exploring actions that public managers and policy developers can take to ensure programs strongly contribute to improved social outcomes.
Design thinking for policy using the tools of design thinking to investigate how citizens experience government programs and how services might be better shaped to client needs.
Evidence-based policymaking using the synthesis of best available evidence to determine the conditions under which government programs generate valued outcomes.
The investment approach to public service delivery using evidence of policy and program outcomes to guide decisions about where scarce government funds should be spent to achieve best results.

Those working in roles involving policy or program development and design benefit when they are able to address these themes and include them in their planning. In doing so, we become better equipped to improve the outcomes for citizens through the work of policy.

A three day workshop presented by Professor Mintrom will explore these themes and investigate how they build on more traditional components of policy analysis and program management. Working through practical examples, participants will learn more about conducting policy analysis and developing effective policy, stakeholder engagement, and how to use economic frameworks and other evidence in policy advice.

Guest presenters joining Professor Mintrom are:

Hon Bronwyn Pike
James Button
Dr Zareh Ghazarian (Monash University)
Professor Ross Guest (Griffith University)