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ANZSOG/Centre for Public Impact’s Reimagining Government returns for 2022

14 March 2022

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The world is moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and into the new normal and decisions being taken by governments now will shape the coming decades.

For the past two years ANZSOG and the Centre for Public Impact’s Reimagining Government series has brought together leading academics and practitioners to lead debate on a new paradigm for government.

Reimagining Government will return in 2022, with another series of four interactive webinars exploring how government can be reimagined to be more creative, more collaborative and better equipped to deal with the big challenges of the 21st century.

The world faces increasingly complex problems and fostering better governments will be vital to solving them. The challenge is to change governments so they are better able to collaborate, both within and outside government structures, become more innovative and work more closely with their citizenry.

Reimagining Government gives the public sector leaders who deal with those issues each day exposure to leading thinkers who can give a global perspective on these shared challenges.

The series will build on the themes from the last two years – diving more deeply into some of the topics that consistently appeared as being central to a renewed vision for government including: how to rebuild trust, what can we learn from Indigenous knowledge and how to build knowledge systems in governments.

The series will again allow participants to listen to and learn from leading thinkers with academic and practitioner backgrounds. Each webinar will be highly interactive and will provide participants with ample opportunity to contribute their views via moderated discussion, case studies, and breakout rooms.

Bookings are now open for the first webinar scheduled for 1 April on the topic of What will it take to rebuild trust in government?

It will be facilitated by Simon Kent (ANZSOG Deputy CEO, Thought Leadership) and the panel will consist of:

Naja Nelson (North America Associate, CPI)
Marcus Stewart (Co-Chair, First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria)

Participants will also be able to take content from the webinar even further this year – with a brand new microsite where they can access curated content for each webinar topic, register for webinars, and join our Community of Practice, where webinar content will be brought to life through regular events, workshops, conversations and networking opportunities.

Future webinars will be held on the topics of How do stories enable social change, What can we learn from First Peoples’ knowledge systems? and What does it take to build learning systems in government?

For more information visit the Reimagining Government microsite.

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