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The Bridge

ANZSOG’s The Bridge presents: ‘Academics are from Venus, public managers are from Mars’






1pm-2pm (AEST)


28 May 2024


The Bridge and its writer Maria Katsonis are celebrating 100 issues in May 2024. Join us at 1pm on Tuesday 28 May  for ‘Academics are from Venus, public managers are from Mars’ a stellar event exploring the relationship between policy and research. Chaired by Maria, an expert panel will dissect the cosmic dynamics between theory and practice. Are there two distinct worlds with ideological chasms? How can we bridge the gap so research meets the real-world demands of policymaking?

Speakers include:

Professor Janine O’Flynn, Director of the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU,

Eleanor Williams, Managing Director of the Australian Centre for Evaluation,

Simon Corden, former Commissioner at the Victorian Essential Services Commission, and former Chair of the ANZSOG-auspiced National Regulators Community of Practice (NRCoP)

This event is free but if you want to attend you will need to register for the event through this link.

Don’t miss the opportunity to commemorate the 100th issue of The Bridge in an event where academia and policymaking converge to chart a course towards greater understanding.

Event details

Price: Free

Date: Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Time: 1-2pm (AEST)