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Professional Learning Program

Economic evaluation and decision-making






2-day workshop




“So what skills are likely to be needed by public servants and their managers to match governments’ evolving role in the 21st century?….. the wider policy and regulatory challenges will require strong analytic capabilities, including in evaluating the costs and benefits of different courses of action.” – Gary Banks, former Chair of the Productivity Commission and former Dean of ANZSOG.


Economic evaluation and decision-making will explore the rationale and methodologies for the economic evaluation of programs, regulations and policies in a public sector and NGO context. The program will demonstrate the power of economic evaluation tools, used appropriately, in enabling good decision-making when allocating resources and evaluating alternatives for pricing and delivering public services and programs, and when designing regulations.

Griffith University’s Professor (Emeritus) Ross Guest will lead participants through interactive group discussions and small group breakout sessions where participants will engage with each other through applied learning activities.

This program will explore real case studies and examples of the use of economic evaluation methods in evaluating public sector programs, policies and regulations. These methods include cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis, socio-economic impact analysis, among others. The examples will be drawn from a range of portfolio areas including the environment, public health, energy, infrastructure, education and housing.

What will you learn?

On completion of this course, participants will learn:

  • The importance of economic evaluation of government programs, policies and regulations: asking the right questions
  • How to ensure that the economic evaluation method is fit for purpose
  • When to use a particular tool, such as cost-benefit analysis (CBA), rather than other methods
  • How to apply a CBA and other tools in a public sector context, with contemporary applications
  • The limitations of CBA compared with other tools of economic evaluation in the public sector

Additionally, participants will:

  • Develop the ability and confidence in making the economic case for or against government interventions of various kinds
  • Appreciate the strengths and limitations of methods of economic evaluation in the public sector
  • Acquire key skills and methods of economic evaluation and economic evaluation more widely
  • Develop an appreciation of the economic way of thinking about the use of public resources
  • Learn to ask the right questions in assessing the public value of government interventions
  • Through an understanding of key economic concepts and methods, build self-confidence in their ability to discuss the economic merits of government activities

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for team leaders through to executives in the public and NGO sectors with no or limited exposure to economic evaluation processes and thinking who are, for example:

  • designing new initiatives and programs
  • reviewing, approving or assessing new and existing programs
  • engaging with agencies, consultancies and processes that use CBA as an input to decision-making
  • managing program budgets
  • broadly APS 6 to EL2 or equivalent.

Who will lead the course?

Ross Guest is Professor Emeritus of Economics and former Dean (Learning and Teaching) in the Griffith Business School. He is a Principal Fellow with the Higher Education Academy, and an adjunct professor at ANZSOG. He is nationally and internationally recognised as a leader in economics education through, for example, an Australian teaching fellowship and teaching award, and his former editorship of the International Review of Economics Education.

Professor Guest has led similar courses with ANZSOG for many years. He is a nationally and internationally recognised leader in economics education, having received a number of awards and fellowships for learning and teaching in economics.

Event Details

Dates: TBC

Duration: 2-day workshop, 9am-5pm (AEST)

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: TBC


ANZSOG Alumni receive a 15% discount.

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Got a question?

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