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ANZSOG and AIHW's Breaking the data silos conference in Canberra on the 27 and 28 March 2018 featured a wide range of presentations on using data for improved policy, programs and services. 

Watch highlights from the 2018 Breaking the data silos conference: 

You can find presentations from the conference available to download below. 

Day 1

Plenary 1 -   pdf Social licence and social good  (1.14 MB)

Plenary 2 -   pdf Better use of data in a ‘fact-hostile’ world (49.16 MB)

Stream Session 1.1 -   pdf Primary healthcare: Data gaps and development (2.02 MB)

Stream Session 1.2 -   pdf Using data to improve health services and policy (2.19 MB)

Stream Session 1.3 -   pdf Indigenous health and welfare (577 KB)

Plenary 3 -   pdf Creating a smarter city: lessons in data analytics from Singapore  (7.41 MB)

Stream Session 2.1 -   pdf New uses of burden of disease data: informing policies and prevention programs (2.17 MB)

Stream Session 2.2 -   pdf Vulnerable families (1.55 MB)

Stream Session 2.3 -   pdf Using longitudinal data to explore pathways (1.32 MB)

Plenary 4 -   pdf Breaking down the silos (2.55 MB)

Dinner Event - pdf "The Future is already here": Building a world of technology & culture... (3.74 MB)

ian anderson

Day 2

Opening Address -   pdf Data - the greatest asset of C21 (343 KB)

Plenary 5 -   pdf Data from a health perspective (1.40 MB)

Plenary 6 -   pdf Integrating data to break down silos (1.85 MB)

Stream Session 3.1 -   pdf Uncovering the picture of rising pharmaceutical opioid misuse in Australia (1.34 MB)

Stream Session 3.2 -   pdf Making better use of homelessness data (4.44 MB)

Stream Session 3.3 -   pdf Wellbeing of children: Integrating data for pathways (655 KB)

Plenary 7 -   pdf Using data in the commercial environment (1.42 MB)

Watch Genevieve Bell's speech at the conference: